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Flathead Janitorial & Rug Service has been a family-owned business in the Flathead Valley since 1959. We take extreme pride in the fact that we have been able to serve our customers with the most up-to-date equipment available and the highest degree of quality and integrity. Flathead Janitorial has been involved in almost every kind of janitorial work imaginable and can handle any problem that arises!


    Our team is equipped with experts who have been doing carpets for well over 10 years, so if a problem arises, we can tackle the job and get it straightened out immediately. We know that you cherish your household and all of its content. To keep those treasures spotless we offer a wide variety of cleaning and restoration services that will help promote good indoor air quality and extend the lifespan of your carpet, rug or home furnishings.


    Flathead Janitorial & Rug Service is always happy to submit bids for the janitorial maintenance of professional buildings. Our staff member will survey the facilities and surrounding grounds and then provide a specific outline that will provide the best possible service. Additional information concerning the upkeep of the facility will also be included as a service to our customers. All disposable items such as toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soap, light bulbs, etc., will be provided at the request of the customer for a small fee. These items will be billed separately in addition to the monthly contract billing. Our ability to provide supplies so inexpensively is an added bonus to our contract customers.


    We at Flathead Janitorial take pride in our work. Our staff does the little extra things that mean so much to our customers. Our supervisors do routine quality control checking. These checks keep the quality of work at its best at all times. Quality control is an important part of our job at Flathead Janitorial and one that we take very seriously. We encourage our customers to let us know if they feel there is a problem with the quality of our work. Our direct involvement is a top priority at Flathead Janitorial. Call today and discover why we are considered the area's best!



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